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AntX Pest Control is a rodent, rat & termite control company located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

We are in the business of making your life easier, and more comfortable – by exterminating one bug, flea and mosquito at a time!

There is a war going on, and it is a battle between the human race and pests surrounding us!
The dispute is territorial, and the most persistent and strongest side wins! Without our services, everyday homes would be completely overrun by bugs,rodents, and anything else in nature that would love to make a comfy nest inside of your home.

Buying a removal solution or bug killer spray at your local supermarket may not cut it. If you still battle the invasion, you might be left feeling helpless and defeated.

Here at AntX we say “no more!”

The customers whom we’ve had the pleasure of working with here in the Hampton Roads hire a company that not only rids their home of pests but keeps them out as well.

We are the guys to call, and we want to help you win that battle.

When you give our company a call, you get an experienced representative on the phone that will greet you and listen to your problem and offer a set of solutions. The importance is that instead of talking to a machine you get a live person that can answer all of your questions.

Once you hear our solutions to your particular issues, we can schedule an appointment for our pro to get your home back under control.

After going over every set of issues, we’ll be able to give you an estimate and we don’t make you wait for several weeks like some other pest control companies.

Areas we currently service are Virginia Beach, NorfolkChesapeake, Portsmouth and we’ll consider anything in or around Suffolk, Hampton and Newport News, VA.


One of the pests we will happily rid your home of are known as insects. Various bugs tend to be the bane of many households, and can understandably be the fear of many of our customers.

Whether they’re crawling around causing trouble on your lawn, or you’re beginning to see them inside of your home, we can get rid of those bothersome insects for you.

Our trained pros will handle your ant problem which is common the area… Not only are ants very organized, but they can travel from their colony to your yard and inside of your home with absolute ease. 

Many of our customers hire us to take care of their ant problem immediately because they have someone in their family with an allergy to their bites.

If you have members of your family that may be allergic, then it’s critical that you call our company to take care of it right away. Ant piles only get bigger, and deeper into your lawn over time, and they won’t go away on their own.


​Bees and Wasps are insects commonly associated with allergies here in Virginia. They’ll create hives in your yard and will protect their homes fiercely if you get near them.

Calling our team will be the best decision you’ve made. Hives can hide an unknown number of bees, or wasps, and can potentially put you in need of medical care if you attempt removal on your own.

You should not be afraid to walk outside of your home in fear of being attacked by something that is already trespassing on your property. 

Bees are known to provide many excellent services to nature that we all benefit from, but there is a proper place for that which isn’t in your lawn.

One insect that no one feels guilty about getting rid of,and is feared by every home owner is the termite. Termite control is essential to both retain the value of your property and even it’s structural integrity.

The reason they are such a problem for your home, and why a regular inspection is so important, is because trees are their primary source of food. The biggest problem with that is the tree doesn’t have to be alive to be their next meal. That includes firewood, paper, and the wood, use to build your house. To protect the integrity of your home, hiring an experienced professional is essential.

When it comes to fighting termites, it’s much more about prevention than extermination. The reason is that without proper inspection, they could already be on the inside of your walls long before you realize it.

Once they begin chewing on your home’s wood, they will reproduce rapidly, and quickly get out of hand. Not only will that make the costs much higher than they need to be, but you could leave the house damaged and would have to repaired.

To keep termites away from your home give AntX a call for an estimate and to schedule an inspection.


Birds, on the other hand, aren’t popularly known as pests, but you’d be surprised how often you need to deal with them as a home owner.

The most common places birds are considered a problem is on commercial property. If you’ve ever looked at all of the cars at a dealership, then you could imagine how difficult it could be to get the bird droppings off them.

With all of the potential diseases they can carry, you don’t want them around your food or groceries. We ensure that commercial properties in the area don’t have to deal with that problem.

Another common issue arises when a bird, nests in your attic or chimney space. It is crucial to call us immediately if you suspect that it’s is either trapped or has nested inside your property.

It might also die resulting in a nauseous smell if not freed promptly

More importantly, we know how many Virginians care about birds because we do too.

Our ways of resolving your bird problems are very humane. Whether they are on commercial or residential property, our company wants to ensure your comfort and safety.

One of the most dangerous creatures to have in your home are rodents

They should be handled by your local professionals and never by yourself. They also carry sharp teeth and claws that we are well equipped to handle in a safe manner. 

Not only can they attack you, but they’ve also been known to carry potentially lethal diseases that can be spread to you directly, or by contaminating the very food you eat daily.

Mice will much on just about anything, but prefer to eat the same things you do.

They’ll use their teeth to chew through things like your furniture, and we’ve even seen them chew through electrical wiring which is a huge safety hazard.

When our exterminator comes by they will not only get rid of your current problem, but will also spread proofing solution to prevent further issues. 

Our rodent proofing techniques are unique, and have proven to last longer and perform better than others.

Our company ensures that your problem will be taken care of right the first time, because of our employees.

We perform background checks to ensure that your home is entrusted to an expert.

AntX Pest Control makes sure that our staff are trained and are up-to-date on the latest issues related to our work. During training, we pair our most and least experienced pros to ensure the flow of knowledge.

You’ll never regret calling our company.

We’ll send one of our trained experts over right away to give you an estimate that’ll cover everything you need to win the war on pests.

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Hired AntX Pest Control for recurring treatment. Can't say enough good things about their staff and the pricing is super competitive. Definitely recommend.