Termite Inspection & Control in Hampton Roads

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We cannot begin tell you how invaluable having a Termite Contract is on your home if you live anywhere near water.

If you plan to purchase a home near coastal or low-lying areas near water, one of the first things you should do is to look for a Termite Inspector.

If you hear enough horror stories from friends and people you know about their termite nightmares, it should be enough to help you make the smart decision to hire one and head off any problems before they truly become “problems”.

Taking preventative treatment measures will help you maintain a ‘termite free’ home and protect your investment from future infestations.

Some customers are not always lucky and end up with a ‘termite free’ inspection and a clean bill of health on their home.

Consequently, when we run into a home with termite damage, things can turn costly for the homeowner, and quickly.

We can always treat a home, it’s just that some cases, there wasn’t a contract in place before the termites made a home there.

We treat problem areas by drilling into the walls and pouring ‘Termidol’ into the freshly drilled holes. Within a few days, the termites are usually gone.

On occasions, we have to inform customers that just because we have treated the area, this doesn’t always guarantee a termite free home. It’s just the start of the process to rid the home. Sometimes, a strong swarm will migrate to other parts of the home that are untreated, to try and survive. If you see a “swarm” of winged looking ants, this is what that is.

You would then simply give us a call and we would come out to reapply the termite treatment to the newly affected area of your home. Eventually, the swarms will stop and your home will become termite free, so long as you keep up with regular termite maintenance on the home.
We can assure you that having a Termite Contract is some of the best money you can spend on your home and is worth its weight in gold for the peace of mind that comes with it.

It may sound like a costly expense, but it’s really not. By doing this you are taking measures to protect your investment, so that if something does happen, you will not have to incur additional expenses in expensive repairs. Suddenly, that money you’re spending begins to feel like a smart choice in spending.