About Our Rodent Control Services in Hampton Roads

Searching for a rodent control service for your property? Live in Virginia Beach area? Call us today!

Our customers have all had their share of horror stories about their run-ins with rodents and pests in their homes.

We can say without a doubt that we can help you with whatever issue you encounter in your home.

No matter what your pest or rodent issues are, we have the solutions to help you solve those pesky dilemmas. ​There is no project too large or too small for us. 

Many customers called us and we came out and set up traps throughout their house.

We told them that over the course of the next few weeks they might hear snapping of the traps but that it was okay. Within a relatively short time their rodent issues were gone.

Periodically, we made service calls to check the traps and treat the areas around the perimeter of their home with pellets, to kill rodents that make their way into the home.

This is the level of service you will get when you choose us.
Your home is no place for a rat or mouse to hang out.

With our company and our rodent control services in your back pocket to come out and save the day, you won’t have to share your house with any UNWELCOME guests.

One of our customers recalls a story: “We had been living in the home just a few months and on this one Saturday morning, I walked into the kitchen to discover my fresh fruit bowl had been ransacked. Naturally, I saw the pieces of fruit skins laying on the counter and the floor and wondered if it was the working of my toddler, at the time.

I dumped out the 1-day old fruit from the bowl which sat neatly on the island. I scrubbed down the counter and went back to the store to buy more fruit later that day. The very next morning, I found the same scene… only this time, it appeared that there were small claw and teeth marks in a few pieces of fruit. I freaked out!
My husband came into the kitchen to see the mess and he got curious. He got down on his knees and started to look under the counters, behind the refrigerator, and when he pulled out the stove, he noticed the insulation had been pulled out, wires were chewed up and more insulation was sticking out of the back, with a few pieces sticking out of the wall. He said “We have mice and the stove is toast.”

Disgusted, I tossed the fruit out, AGAIN, and didn’t buy anymore until I knew this problem was resolved. He set a few traps and over the next few days, but was puzzled that he wasn’t catching anything.
This fiasco went on for a few days and he went into the garage and discovered a hole in the wall, leading into the wall behind where the stove was. “This must be where they are coming in,” he said, assuredly. He set mice traps in the garage and waited a few more days. The next morning, I walked into the kitchen and that’s when I saw it… a rodent scurrying across the floor toward the opposite wall, beneath my dishwasher. It had a tail.

A long, thin tail. I screamed. My husband came in and I pointed to where it was. He pulled out the dishwasher and found a hole in the partition wall, with insulation from the stove. In the hole was a rat with a nest of babies. He trapped and caught the mother and removed the nest.” 

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AntX Pest Control
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by Debra on AntX Pest Control
They took great care of our home

We've lived in the area for over 10 years now and have used 4 different pest control companies and Antx is by far the most customer oriented and well priced. No up-charges or hidden fees.