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We all can remember as kids when our parents had a house exterminator that would come to the home and spray for roaches, ants, rats, mice, spiders and other creepy crawly things that lurk in a home.

It was always easy to know when he was there… he would show up, spray the house, and when he left there would be an odor in the air that smelled a lot like “bubble gum.”

When you are young, you never know just how important that service call really was, other than it made the rooms smell sweet.

It’s not until you grow up and become a home or business owner yourself that you realize the importance of a good extermination service.  

With better methods and more pet friendly chemicals, today’s exterminator methods are just as important as the ones that were around when we were kids.

New technology is constantly being developed as time goes on. It would be a huge disappointment if there were no newer methods out there today and we simply relied on practices that worked when we were younger.

Bugs and rodents can develop immunities, just as people do, so the importance of developing newer and stronger chemicals to defeat them is a big undertaking. 

Contacting a reputable company to have them come out and treat your home to prevent critters and bugs from entering my home should be one of the first things you should do, after you move into your home.

We recommend getting word of mouth referrals, mostly for your own peace of mind, but when you talk to people you know about a company they use, you can also find out if that company is right for you.

On occasion, referrals can get you discounts or additional services, free of charge, if you ask the right one. When you have an existing contract on a home for a service like this, it can seem like a waste of money, but it really is not.

We feel that the sooner you make the choice to spend money on a service like this, the sooner you are guaranteeing yourself that your home will be termite or rat/mouse free!

Often, when you have an existing contract and a problem like this arises, the costs in repairs are covered as part of the guarantee of the products that are being used to treat the home. If you wait until it becomes a problem and THEN call someone, you will incur the expenses in repairs PLUS the treatment to prevent it from happening ever again.

Sometimes you will find companies that only specialize in certain areas, which is fine, but if you can find an ‘all inclusive’ company – that just might be the biggest bang for your buck! 

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