Pest Control Services We Provide

Our company offers many pest related services varying to fit everyone’s needs.

Pests will not go away on their own without proper pest control, and AntX Pest Control has the right method for every kind of pest.

From the outside of your property to the inside of your property between your walls, beneath your home, and every other place a pest will choose to make their new home in Virginia Beach.

 There is nowhere a bug or rodent can hide!  Call us today for a free estimate!


The outside of your home or business is your main line of defense and is the first place you should begin with your pest defense. 

Once certain bugs and rodents are found outside of your home, it may already be too late for even the best pest control services to keep them from getting inside of your home.

Instead of reacting to a pest problem you should get proactive, and call us to begin working on your pest defense in your lawn!
Our outside pest control services include taking care of your bees, wasps, birds, ants and more that you may run into.

 Few things will ruin a nice barbecue here in Virginia as quickly as an angry wasp hive. 

Not only can a wasp sting hurt quite a bit, but they will persistently protect their hive without hiring a proper bug service in Virginia Beach to take care of it.

Once you begin to see a pest control problem inside of your home, that typically means you’ve had the pest control problem for a while, because it is not normally evident when they first invade your home. 

You go to your house for shelter away from those nasty, and annoying pests.  After spotting a roach or sugar ants inside of your home it can cause in sight panic, and you want to be rid of them immediately! 

That’s why you need a quick-responding pest exterminator.  You need the fast responding bug killers at AntX Pest Control!   

If there is anything a rodent in Virginia Beach loves, it is good food, shelter, and warmth.  Three things they can all find inside of your home and rodents will invade if you don’t have rodent proofing.

Rodents can be very dangerous, and it is recommended you call a rodent exterminator from our pest control company in Virgian Beach before making any attempt to deal with them yourself.  Rodents have sharp teeth and are known to carry nasty diseases unsafe for you or your family pet. 

In fact, they love to use their sharp teeth so much it is usually the first sign that you need a rodent exterminator before you see the rodent. 

They will chew through your walls, electrical wiring, cabinets where they can find food, and more without rodent proofing.
Our methods are proven, and safe for your family here in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

To find out more about how we will help you, give us a call today at AntX Pest Control so we can get your property back under your control.

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