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There are many types of pest control services available when you hire a company like ours to take care of your homes needs.

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide just how much ‘coverage’ you really need on your home.

Preventative maintenance may seem costly, but when you are making an effort to protect your most valued asset, it should seem that no service can be too expensive – especially if it ensures that it will protect it!
Many cities help their residents with some forms of pest control, without many homeowners thinking much about it.

In the summer months, many cities will hear a “buzzing noise” around dusk, only to find a truck coming down the street that is spraying for mosquitoes and flying bugs that carry diseases.

By spraying this odorless fog into the air it rids pests from neighborhoods and streets and cuts down on their reproduction.

Cities also maintain the storm drains and ditches, which can be breeding grounds for mosquitoes, termites and other critters and vermin.

By keeping these areas clean and maintaining water flow, they are helping to cut down on stagnant water and the breeding of these that cause so much damage to area residences and businesses. 

While cities can do all they can about the exterior of your home, they can not do much about the INTERIOR of the home, which falls on the shoulders of that homeowner.

As we mentioned, there are several types, and depending upon your homes needs, it can be difficult to decide on your own what you need. Hiring a professional to help you decide is the best plan of action.

This is where WE come in. Let us shed some light on many of the more popular types of pest control services that are out there for you to choose from.
Rodent Issues – No one wants to hear the words “Sorry to tell your Sir or Ma’am, but you have rats or mice in your home.” It makes you feel unclean. It may make you feel worried about your home.

Surprisingly, rats and mice like extremely clean spaces. This doesn’t mean we are giving you the suggestion to keep a dirty house to ward them off, but while these critters carry diseases, they do look for spaces that are on the tidy side to do their dirty work.

With the help of a professional company like AntX, we can come in to set traps in your home, prepare baits along the exterior of your home and offer suggestions on things you can do as a homeowner to keep them out of your home once, the problem is resolved.

Depending upon where you live and the severity of the infestation, the situation may take a few weeks or a few months to completely rid your home of the problem.
Fumigation – This is especially important when you have pets that travel in and out of your home. They carry ticks and fleas.

When you discover that you have these in your home, it may be time to hire a professional to come out and perform a complete fumigation of your space to kill off anything living in the home. While this is happening, all pets and people living in the residence are encouraged to leave the home for the day, while the treatment does it job.

After 8-12 hours, the home should be ready to go back into. Depending on the severity of the issue and how concentrated the product being used it, the timeframe may differ. Ask your technician for more details when they administer this service. 


Perimeter Checks – When a technician comes out to service your home, they will also take a walk around the exterior of the property to ensure that they find no evidence of critters that have gotten into the home or new termite damage that is forming, before you find it.

As professionals, we know what to look for and can take some early precautions to head off a problem before it becomes a bigger problem.

Mud tunnels forming along a foundation, holes that are found in the eaves or under your homes siding, or even droppings are good indicators that you have unwelcomed guests.

We are trained to identify the issue, inform you of it and together come up with a solid plan of action to eradicate the problem.
Space Treatments – This is the most common of pest control services that people are aware of. Professionals will come out and spray either monthly or quarterly, based upon the contract you selected to spray for normal household pests such as spiders, ants and other bugs.

When the treatment is applied along the baseboards it acts as a barrier to ward off any would be critters from entering the home. Some spaces cannot be treated, as they are unable to be reached (for example, behind your stove or cabinets). If you find a colony of ants has shown up after a treatment has been done, you simple call out your technician and have them look for the entry point to treat.
Whatever your situation is, we have the solutions to fix it. No job is ever too large or too small and we always have an answer to attack all the infestation issues your home may face. When in doubt, always hire a licensed professional to make sure the job is done right the first time.

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by Derrick on AntX Pest Control
Fantastic work by Steve and the crew

I've hired AntX for a pest control and termite treatment / damage inspection job on a rental home in Norfolk. We had a tight deadline to get the work completed and get new renters in the home. Very pleased with the work they've done and we haven't seen any pests or termites yet. Appreciate the hustle guys, and keep up the good work.