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Everyone has their own beliefs on what is best for their home.

For example, some people prefer to do all of their home’s improvements on their own and feel that this is the best way to get “quality work,” while other people feel that hiring someone is the best method in getting a job done right because they may not trust their own handiwork.

The same falls true for many other things in the life of home ownership.

People form opinions based on their own experiences and the shared stories of others, but sometimes, the facts can get a little ‘muddy’.

As the saying goes “Nothing gets in the way of a good story like the facts.”
With pest control, every homeowner has a ‘story to tell’.

So, if you are in the market for a reputable company to assist you with your own pest control needs, you need cold hard facts to help you make a sound decision that is best for you.

Let’s look at some pros and cons of why you should consider a professional service for your own home, instead of relying on your own ‘knowledge’ to handle the situation.

Performing your own Pest Control VS. Hiring a Professional Service

You are going to get much more for your money in hiring a professional than trying to take care of an infestation issue alone.

For starters, do you have the know how to tackle your biggest issues – are you SURE those are not termites instead of ‘flying ants’ and how many mice do you really believe you have in your house?

Chances are there’s more than one in the home!
Let’s face it. Home ownership is expensive. Nothing about owning a home is really all that cheap. Cleaning supplies can be pricey, home repairs are pricey and the same is true for pest control devices and chemicals.

Just because you can purchase ant spray or mouse traps at your local shopping center, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need the help of a professional. These are meant to be “quick fixes” until a professional can come out to eliminate the situation.
Websites that boast about how you can take care of your own pest control needs do not tell you that you are “on your own” if you mess it up and cause damage to your home.

They are out to make money. They don’t care about your home. They don’t care if your problem gets resolved.

If they have to sell you the same product or several products because you didn’t buy enough or you purchased the WRONG product for the job, they will gladly sell you everything you want to buy. It’s called advertising and sales.

Their bottom line is more important than fixing your problems. They will not sell you a warranty that covers damages incurred if you inadvertently use their products improperly. They won’t educate you on the reasons why things are done a certain way and the proper methods to resolve a problem, for good. 


​However, when you hire a professional you get the entire package. You get the ‘know how,’ you get the expertise to help you eradicate your infestation problems for good and you get peace of mind.

You are not paying for a $2.00 ‘band-aid’ that you have to keep buying over and over again, only to discover that the bugs or mice just keep coming back, despite your efforts to get rid of it. A professional will know how to fix the problem and eliminate it from happening again.

They will educate you on what is in your home, HOW they are getting in and offer ways to prevent them from returning. They will assure you that their services will be there if and when you need them to come back. Maintenance contracts are an excellent way to stay on top of your home’s pest maintenance and keep bugs and vermin OUT where they belong.
Another important thing to consider is to make sure that the company you hire is a reputable company with solid customer satisfaction. With so many companies out there to choose from, it can be hard to know who really is the ‘best’ at what they do.

If you ask around and get good referrals from friends and neighbors, chances are, you will find a company that is going to work hard to earn your trust and your repeat business. You don’t want to work with a company that just wants to sell you a plan, if you have no need for it.

For example, if termites are NOT prevalent in your area, why would you have a contract to treat for them?

Alternatively, if you DO live in an area that seems to be a breeding ground for termites, you want to ensure that the pest control service you choose can actually handle that type of issue. Some companies choose not to treat problems like that because they often come with a guarantee to repair/replace damage done to home by termites, if an existing contract is out on a home.

This is costly for the company and often, smaller companies do not wish to deal with the headaches of that kind of guarantee.
Simply stated, when you do your own pest control you don’t know for sure that you have really taken care of the issue or if you will see a resurgence of the infestation later. When you hire a professional, you are ensuring that the problem goes away for good.

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I've called Antx to resolve an ongoing pest problem with our home in Chesapeake. Other pest control companies have tried multiple times to get rid of all pests, rodents and termites, but no luck. After Steve came by and spent a few hours spraying and setting up traps, my home has been free of all animals and pests. Highly recommend their services.